Welcome to the 2021-22 School year

 Welcome, hope you had a nice safe break, are you ready for some art fun. Here are some warm up pages to get you started!


On this Porch Story adventure we share 2 books that share the life story of artist and graphic designer Mary Blair. 

Small World Mary Blair inspired coloring page 

The world of Spiders

Students learned about the amazing world of the spider and how they are different from and insect. 
Also took a look at famous spiders in literature! 
Building vocabulary and drawing skills.
Observation and Imagination equal Creation 

Louise Bourgeois is an artist who often used a spider/mother
image in her art work 

Spotlight Artist/Scientist Maria Sibylla Merian

Maria Sibylla Merian (2 April 1647 – 13 January 1717) was a German-born naturalist and scientific illustrator, a descendant of the Frankfurt branch of the Swiss Merian family. Merian was one of the early European naturalists to observe insects directly.

Reprinted with  from Women in Science. Copyright © 2016 by Rachel Ignotofsky. 
Published by Ten Speed Press,

This is wonderful book about her life 

Images from the book above 

a page from the book 

For more information about Maria Merian I recommend these videos