Our New Year 2018-19

What A Wonderful World is our Art theme this year
and our inspiration quote is from Maya Angelou
"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud" 

We will look at the word and concept of beauty
What makes something beautiful?
How many kinds of beauty are there?
Are there rules to beauty and if so what are they?
Must art be beautiful?

It is going to be a colorful and wondrous journey and I am excited to have you join us!

Cheers to a new year,

Ms. Jane


End of the Year thoughts and Notes 2017-18

Open House Student Art show 2017-18 school year

The Event Night at the Art Museum 2017-18

Our Art Room Event theme this year is “A Night at the Art Museum”
All of the pieces connect to either an artist, a famous work of art and or an art movement

Kindergarten: “Sunflower Splash”
Taking inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s vibrant sunflower paintings and the unique splash and spatter techniques of American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock the kindergarten artists created hand painted paper and cut paper collage elements to make this modern masterpiece

First Grade: "Gay Purree! "
This mixed media collage piece has 3 major influences: Henri Rousseau (Primitive painter) Marc Chagall (Magical Expressionism) and Sonia Delaunay (Geometric Abstraction) There are over 90 unique tigers peeking out at you from a hand made jungle against a geometric tissue paper sky while an oh so French tiger keeps a watchful eye on a floating Eiffel Tower.

Second Grade: “Color Wheel Guitars”
Drawing inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s music centered art pieces and the work of American collage master Romare Bearden the 2nd grade students painted paper in primary and secondary colors to build the guitar forms. The border is designed with 90+ hand drawn guitar picks.


Third Grade: “the Tree of Love 
Gustav Klimt’s lush and golden painting the, Tree of Life, is the inspiration for this creation by our 3rd grade artists. They cut and designed over a 100 paper hearts and flower and applied dozens of blades of grass, bits of wind and star dust magic to please the eyes and comfort the heart.

Fourth Grade: “Mona and Joe”
Mona Lisa is the most famous work of art in the Western World. Painted by the Renaissance master Leonardo di Vinci it has captured the imagination of views for centuries. The 4th grade students have created a colorful modern Mona who is energized by her Latte, the entire mosaic is made from recycled Starbucks gift cards.

Fifth Grade “Dog with a Pearl Collar”
Humor abounds in this mixed media masterpiece that blends the compositional elements of Vermeer’s “Girl with a pearl earring” and the subject sensibility of contemporary artist William Wegman. Dog with a Pearl Collar is created from masking tape, packing tape, newspapers, yellow pages, post its, magazines and a few other surprises. The very Baroque golden frame is composed of over 100 individual clay dog inspired trinkets and toys.

Sixth Grade: “18 Fridas”
Fame…The Papa of Pop Art Andy Warhol is famous for his multiple silk screen images of such famous people as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and surrealist Artist and political activist Frida Kahlo is as famous for her personal style and unibrow as she is for powerful self-portraits.  The 6th grade artists combined these two colorful art figures in this paper collage composition of 18 Fridas, a true Pop Culture tribute!