Makin Donuts

6th grade artists experienced the Warhol factory approach to creating art, by printing out hundreds of sheets of donuts-using pool noodles. These donuts will be decorated at the end of the year by the entire school.

just a sample of the 100's of prints pulled in one day

 a thoughtful gift from these 2 6th grade artists 

September Art 2019

3rd grade artists began work on their "Name Game" project while 6th graders built a Frida collage inspired by Pop art master Andy Warhol.

A New Year and New Art Adventures

Hello and welcome to the Phoebe Hearst Art Room Blog page. Our art room theme this year is Somewhere over the you know we are going to have a lot of fun with color! I set up the art projects for the year but always leave myself open to edit and try new challenges. This year I want to explore more 3-D creations and maybe even some printmaking! The spring Event is our big school fundraiser and the art room will be ready again to dazzle and amaze. I hope you are excited to join in on the fun.

I look forward to sharing with you some of our art adventures,


Ms. Jane

Closing thoughts and images

Our 2018-19 school year started in a New Art Room. Several weeks of summer break were spent moving the contents of room 17 to room 27. 

Laminated wrapping paper covers the upper cabinet doors 

Ready for the New Year! 

air plant sugar skull a gift 
Glowing Owl light adds a little extra warmth to the room 

Sweet Holiday Gifts! 
Thanks for another great Art Year!

End of the Year Mini show 2019

Our mini End of the Year art show!

the Event April 2019

Another year of amazing group projects, this year a lot of variety in size, materials and approach to theme...What A Wonderful World!

Kinder project
laying out the design 
students adding color details to the horn 
Rainbow Unicorn detail Kinder 
Adding student painted and cut paper 
Completed Rainbow Unicorn

1st grade 4 Cats with Flowers in progress with inspiration pieces too. 

1s Grade adding hand drawn and cut out flowers 
completed 1st grade project, tissue paper collage, watercolor cats and handmade paper flowers

Basic design for 2nd grade project 
2nd grade adding tissue paper collage elements

Beginning the painting process 

3rd grade happy house on a hill, Home is where the Heart is...
3rd grade painting and collage

4th grade tumble block project 
students added color and details to the shapes 

Layout of 5th grade composition 
5th grade work in progress, acrylic paints and collage elements

adding clay hair highlights 
almost finished 

details of completed 5th grade piece 

Watercolor layout for collage elements, Klimt inspired 
Adding hand painted cut paper embellishments 
Detail of 6th grade art piece 
Glass beads completed the composition